Win Sum Dim Sum

Everyone always gets very excited at the idea of having dinner at a Chinese restaurant. For many, this is the chance of spending a night out with friends. Others simply cannot give up their steaming hot noodle plates and cracking fortune cookies.

The Latest Innovation in the Gaming Industry

However, thanks to the latest innovations in the gaming industry, everyone can now enjoy an endless stream of dumplings right on their screens. Microgaming has just released Win Sum Dim Sum. This spicy spicy slot features bamboo steamed dishes, dumplings and many Wild signs that can push the player luck towards big fat wins!


Spin the wheels and take home enough money to get a lifetime supply of steaming duck. Enjoy the traditional restaurant set up. Warm drawings and sophisticated designs will make the journey unforgettable. On top of that, smooth oriental sounds and light instrumental vibes will make this experience as real as it gets.

Win Sum Dim Sum Game Features

This game comes with 5 reels, a classic 9 paylines, and plenty of multipliers and free spins. Bets range between 0.01 cents and $2, which makes the game affordable to any kind of player. Microgaming made this game available for mobile, pc and tablets. All the symbols are related to Chinese recipes and the more of the same symbol one will get, the richer the pot will be! So far, the jackpot of 300 000 coins has not been won. So there’s hope in the air! Try your luck at Zodiac Casino.


Of course, this might not be able to replace the real experience in full. However, nothing compares to the shot of adrenaline a player would get once the Free Spins feature signs are aligned. Will these spins make brand new wealthy people? It’s still too hard to tell right now. Still, this is definitely one of the hottest games to look out for in 2016.

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